Beanie Sigel's 35th birthday party erupted into a flurry of violence in Philadelphia this past weekend.

Close to 600 guests showed up to Club Solo on Saturday, to celebrate with Sigel. Due to the former Roc-a-fella emcee's history of legal infractions, a "city task-force on nuisance bars" also dropped by at 10 p.m., to make sure the venue passed the State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement inspections.

Beans' mother was working the door, and the club seemed up to standards, so the police left.

Shortly after 1 a.m., the police returned, due to a fight outside the club. The left again shortly. Then, at 1:35 a.m., police sources say that Tyheem Baker, 24, from Camden N.J., was shot in the chest exiting a bathroom stall, after arguing with two unidentified men.

Sigel "was performing on stage at the club," at the time, according to his attorney. "He was told later that something happened, but he didn't know who was involved."

A spokeswoman for the D.A.'s office said that the "task-force on nuisance bars" are still investigating the venue. Police claim that the video-surveillance "mysteriously malfunctioned," and question whether the club entrants were suitably searched for weapons at the door. The victim is in stable stable condition.

Sigel is still under supervised release following his most recent weapons conviction.