With the birth of Blue Ivy kicking off 2012, there's more than a few fans -- us included -- that wondered just what went down in the hospital when Beyonce and Jay-Z were waiting on their daughter to emerge from her mother's belly. While there's hope that one day there could possibly be video footage that leaks, showing the R&B songstress and her hip-hop hubbie surrounded by family and friends, we'll imagine the following video is an indication of what could have happened in their hospital room.

Debuted by Urlesque, a man holding a video recording device approaches his wife, who is hooked up to several machines as she sits on a bed in a hospital. As he gets closer to his lady love, he begins spitting rhymes to the sounds of her heartbeat.

"Heart murmur," he raps, as he kicks off his song and gives off a hearty laugh in the process.

"This boy's trippin'," the expecting woman replies as her husband continues to rap.

"Cervix, what you doing/ Cervix, have a baby," he shoots out in between the sounds of a heartbeat.

Think Hov was doing something similar to Bey as he waited for the birth of Baby Blue, who he dedicated a song to several days after she was born?

Watch 'Man Raps to Wife's Heartbeat'

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Urlesque Daily: Man Raps to Wife's Heartbeat