Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's . . . Danity Kane? After two seasons of auditioning for Diddy and dancing for choreographer Laurie Ann "boom-kat" Gibson, the girls of reality TV's 'Making the Band' have finally settled on a name and a new album.

In stores August 15, their self-titled debut, 'Danity Kane,' coincides with the show's finale and features the work of several veteran producers, including Timbaland and Jim Johnson. Known for his work with Pretty Ricky and Trick Daddy, Johnson contributed the first official single, 'Show Stopper,' which features a bass-heavy groove that's perfect for summertime flossing. The video was shot last week in L.A. with director Jesse Terrero.

As for the group's moniker, we can thank Diddy himself for that one. According to Atlantic Records, group member Dawn often draws in her spare time, and she created a picture of a female superhero named Danity Kane. Once the Bad Boy founder saw the image, he christened it the perfect likeness for the five budding pop stars.

Now, let's just hope they don't take another cue from the bossman and change it in six months.