It's been several months since Majid Jordan dropped their 'A Place Like This' EP but that doesn't mean they still can't provide us with some cool visuals for our enjoyment. The singing-production duo just released a video for their stripped-down banger, 'Forever.'

Like Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' video, the premise is pretty simple. A guy dances around different parts of a city from sun up to sun down. But unlike the 'Happy' visuals, there aren't a bunch of folks dancing, just one dude popping, locking and breakdancing all over a beautiful Toronto.

Production company Common Good does a wonderful job of capturing the city's essence as the male lead moves and grooves inside a cathedral, a subway car, a giant library and what looks to be a dollar store. By the reaction of some of the customers, it's easy to tell the performances weren't staged and a bit of guerrilla filmmaking was used.

All of the dancing matches the upbeat energy of the song, which makes the video entertaining to watch. We must also mention that Majid Jordan doesn't appear in the clip at all.

The 'Forever' video follows their previous video for 'Her,' which the group dropped last month.

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