Brooklyn rapper Maino has jumped out as the first rapper to make light of the Tiger Woods debacle by dropping a new song comparing himself to the golf champ/serial adulterer.

"I got women in the 'burbs, women in the hood/Yeah, my wifey mad cuz she know I'm no good/ Man, I'm just a dog, I'd be faithful if I could/But I'm Tiger Woods, yeah I'm Tiger Woods," Maino raps on the aptly titled "Tiger Woods," before going on to shout out his various shorties.

The song debuted on Angela Yee's The Morning After on Sirius channel Shade 45 Tuesday (Dec. 22) morning, after which the rapper himself called in to explain his intention behind releasing the song.

"Whether a person is in the limelight or a person is just a regular dude, sometimes we fall victim...for other women," Maino explained. "I like women, I'm sure most other men like women. They crucifyin' him for having extramarrital affairs, but I don't think he did anything different than most normal men do."

"I'm glad you did this song, cause this is exactly how I think of you," Angela Yee told the rapper. "Maino will show you all the attention in the world ... until another girl walks into the room."

"This been going on since the beginning of time, men cheat, women cheat, he just got caught, you're not supposed to get caught," Maino countered. "Oh there's women doing it! I don't want people to think I'm taking about him, it's not a song about him it's a song about me, he's just a metaphor."

Check the song and interview out here.