Angela Yee and Leah Rose of Shade 45's 'Lip Service' broke news of a Maino reality TV series this week, when they had the Brooklyn bully rapper up to their radio show on Monday.

Though Maino was initially hesitant to discuss the details of the show, or even admit its existence, he eventually broke down and gave them the story, saying "It's 90% solidified, this is why I haven't really spoke on it...There's something reality based...MTV-ish...It's about a white dude that doesn't come from our culture, who doesn't understand the rap game...he lives with me and tries to understand what goes on in our world."

Maino refused to confirm or deny the rumor that he smacked his house-guest during the filming the show, saying "Nothin I do is if you see me smack somebody, then maybe it's really going down." But that's Maino -- smacking his roommate one day, giving away a million bucks the next.

While the show has yet to find a home, it sounds entertaining at the least. Check the link for audio of the interview, and pick up Maino's debut 'If Tomorrow Comes ...' in stores now.