Singer-songwriter Maejor Ali has been in the game for a minute. Behind the scenes, he has produced tracks for Justin Bieber and Sean Paul, among countless others. Now he’s back as Maejor with a new video for his latest single, "Me and You."

In the clip, the Grammy-nominated artist plays a love doctor who appears in an infomercial selling his 7-Step, 28 Day "EX-it" strategy for getting over an ex-lover.

Methodically, we watch a beautiful, heartbroken woman go through all the steps as she slowly mends her heart until she completes her 7-Step plan. Then, just when you think she’s over her ex-boyfriend, who happens to be Justin Bieber, she FaceTimes him one more time and she falls back in love again. Oh, the perils of love and relationships.

"Me and You" is the first effort from Maejor's monthly music series called It's Almost the First of the Month. If you like the single, you can download it on iTunes now.

Watch the comical video above.

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