As reported by AOL Music Blog, Madonna finally has a new platform from which to stage her highly-anticipated musical comeback. The pop icon has signed a lucrative record deal with Universal Music Group's Interscope, but one of her new labelmates is not exactly rushing to welcome Madge aboard. Rapper 50 Cent has publicly voiced his anger with Madonna over an alleged song title stealing incident.

The beef all started after the rapper found out that Madonna is apparently working on a new track entitled 'Girls Gone Wild.' Problem is, 50 is also currently recording a single with that same name. Coincidence? Fiddy thinks not, and he took to his Twitter page to let everyone know about the label snub.

Madge is no stranger to drama when it comes to record labels. Her split with label of 25 years, Warner Music Group, in 2007 wasn't exactly on the friendliest of terms. Madonna then signed with Live Nation for a $100 million "360 deal," which covers touring and merchandise. Madonna will release her highly-anticipated new album, her first

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