Madlib samples nearly every genre and style of music, especially excelling at digging up relics and morphing them into new, interesting collaborations. His most recent case of seemingly oddball partnership is with Krautrock legends Embryo. Experts and longtime veterans of the cult psych-rock movement based around the "motorik" drum beat, which sounds like a highly sped up hip-hop beat mixed with a factory motor, Embryo apparently took such a liking to Madlib that the two parties have already produced two new records worth of material and have a show planned in Berlin on October 13.

In addition to the prolific collaborative sessions, Madlib is also planning to record a duo album with Bajka, Embryo's vocalist, that's based around the band's 1979 album 'Embryo's Rise.' While none of these projects have a set release date yet, this could very well be some of the most experimental material that the producer has released in awhile.

The new collaboration news adds yet another notch in perhaps the busiest year in the prolific producer's history. Madlib is currently in the midst of releasing a new mix every month, contributed at least five songs for potential inclusion on Kanye West's new album and hit the studio with Flying Lotus. Oh, and he also got his own coffee blend.