The new Machine Gun Kelly video really ought to come with some sort of "don't try this at home" disclaimer. Then again, it's for a song called 'Wild Boy,' so it's fairly obvious this Cleveland rapper isn't holding himself up as an exemplar of dignified behavior.

As the visuals open, Kelly is front-flipping off of a stage and into the waiting arms of fans, trusting them to catch his heavily tattooed body.

The Bad Boy signee proceeds to rap about drinking and getting high, sometimes while waving a homemade torch he's lit in a bonfire. Midway through the clip, the action jumps from what looks to be a warehouse party to MGK's girlfriend's parents' dining room, where he and fellow rhymer Waka Flocka have been invited to dinner.

Kelly's girl's father is less than pleased that his daughter is associating with a couple of tatted-up miscreants, and when he asks Waka what he does for a living, the Atlanta MC smashes a bottle over his head.

After that, the duo plays with more fire, and MGK compares himself to Kurt Cobain. He also identifies with 'Jackass' stuntman Steve-O -- the king of "don't try this at home" -- who he shouts out throughout the song.

Watch the Video for Machine Gun Kelly's 'Wild Boy,' ft. Waka Flocka

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