With the 2014 NFL season just getting underway, Machine Gun Kelly hasn't wasted any time in releasing a new song for his beloved Cleveland Browns.

It's called 'Rock & Roll (Dog Pound Remix),' and he'll be performing it this Sunday (Sept. 14) when the team takes on the New Orleans Saints.

Just like Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow,' which was adopted by the Pittsburgh Steelers as a team anthem, Kelly is hoping to do the same with the Cleveland Browns, while trying to rally behind his city.

"Let me tell you how the story goes, see I was born to rock and roll / My momma kept me close to home, while my daddy was a rolling stone," he belts. Kelly keeps his verses confined to orange and brown pride while admitting that his team are underdogs.

"I'm a Cleveland Brown, Cleveland Brown, orange brown, orange brown, only colors on me now," he spits.

It'll be interesting to see how the team does this year, as last year they were a dismal 4-12.

Listen to Machine Gun Kelly's 'Rock & Roll (Dog Pound Remix)'