While one rhymer gets ready for life as an indie artist, the other is celebrating a lucrative deal. Mac Miller and his Remember Music imprint have teamed up with Warner Bros., in a deal rumored to be worth $10 million.

The Fader delivers the news of the signing, which is a major score for Miller, who's been working as an independent rapper since January, when he parted ways with Rostrum Records. The Pittsburgh native made history when his debut album, 'Blue Slide Park,' became the first independently-distributed debut album to top the Billboard 200 since The Dogg Pound's 'Dogg Food' did so in 1995.

Miller praised Warner Bros. in an email sent to The Fader. "Warner is the most independent thinking company I met with," Miller said. "It is a partnership and now I can focus on building my label Remember through music and let them handle everything I don't like doing. Nothing will change in how I do things ... They have Prince."

In April, Warner Bros., surprised many by signing a new deal with Prince, which gave the company permission to release the singer's past recordings. The relationship soured in public fashion two decades ago when Prince protested Warner Bros.' handling of his releases.

Miller showed just how excited he was about the deal by releasing the ironically named tracj 'Just Some Raps, Nothing to See Here, Move Along.' With a trippy, but memorable instrumental (produced by SAP) and a fusillade of punchlines, the song serves as a quick synopsis of the Mac Miller charm that led to a $10 million deal.

Listen to Mac Miller's 'Just Some Raps, Nothing to See Here, Move Along'