Mac Miller sat down for an interview with J Cruz and Justin Credible of Power 106 FM in Los Angeles, and the three played a round of "Sound Off On Tweets." Mac gave his insight on the tweets in front of him, which ranged from Taylor Swift's infamous tweet to Kanye and Kim Kardashian to the bizarre life goals from a female fan of his.

The most interesting story came from the second tweet, where the person said that he thought that Mac Miller and Macklemore were the same artist as recently as this month. Mac used this as an opportunity to talk about how a legendary producer made the same mistake.

According to Mac, Pete Rock texted him one day saying that his son was a big fan of his song that was being heard on the radio. When Mac pointed out that he had no such song, Pete Rock said that the song had to do with "popping tags," and "having twenty dollars." At that point, Mac had to tell Pete that the song his son was listening to, 'Thrift Shop' was recorded by Macklemore. Oops!

Regardless, Mac has done quite well for himself with his recent release, 'Watching Movies With The Sound Off.' At this point, anyone confusing him for Macklemore (who has been around for over a decade) is simply not paying attention to the music.