The bizarre mind of Mac Miller has come up with a wild video for the song 'Gees,' a collaboration with Schoolboy Q off 'Watching Movies With the Sound Off.'

In the clip Mac and Schoolboy spend most of the video lounging around, eating chicken and drinking 40s. It's the weird coloring and animated effects that flash in front of the viewer's eyes quickly and suddenly that enthrall in this IllRoots-directed visual. As Mac rides his bicycle, he pours our a 40 which promptly changes colors as soon as it cracks the ground's surface. Meanwhile, a key cameo in the video is comes from a praying mantis; its motives are unknown.

Mac might not have made as much of a commercial impact as Kanye West, J. Cole, or Jay-Z, but as his Space Migration Tour continues on, it's evident just how powerful of a figure he is in hip-hop as a trailblazer for the independent hip-hop movement. And hey, his first-week sales numbers did come fairly close to Wale's first-week numbers for 'The Gifted,' the album that debuted number one on the charts the week after 'Watching Movies With the Sound Off' came out.