M.I.A. continues taking over domain names this week with what seems to be her own free song series. In prior weeks, the singer has released two songs via their own websites. The third and latest is reportedly titled '1111' and can be found at Facefacefacebook.com. The track spins after you submit a snapshot of yourself from your laptop camera, with the option to share on either Facebook or Twitter.

The entertaining treasure hunt is receiving a warmer response from the public than the publicity that surrounded the release of her third album, '///Y/.' The two previous song leaks -- 'Bedroom to the Hallway to the Road to the World' and 'Sup' via 4thepeopleontheboat.com -- are still up and streaming, despite initial production credit issues. The songs are believed to be outtakes from her '///Y/' recording sessions, although her former music lab partner Diplo, who didn't work on her third, has called the new tracks a return to "classic M.I.A."