M.I.A., the voice of 'Swagga Like Us' and well known for her extremely pregnant performance on said track during the 2009 Grammy Awards, has a new album on the way. Forming a major link between the bigger worlds of hip-hop and dance music and the American underground, M.I.A. has been sending random dispatches from the studio throughout the last few months and seemed to hint at a June 2010 release on her Twitter account last night.

"Banned from leaving the U.S.," she wrote. "Family banned from coming to U.S. to see me, baby. Recording LP, signing the dopest acts that's hittin 2010. I think I'm ready." She then added, "June 2010."

That first part there references M.I.A.'s Tamil Sri Lankan origins. The U.S. government has continually scrutinized her traveling privileges because of the political content in her music and her father's position as a militant political figure.

As far as the new record, we can expect production from Diplo, Switch, Rusko, Blaqstarr and Brooklyn's Sleigh Bells. M.I.A. posted a weird video for a single called 'Space Odyssey' recently and Rusko let fans know that the album was completed last week. Get your soundsystems ready, people!