M.I.A. didn't diss Rihanna, it was a re-tweet. "The Rihanna thing I didn't say," she clarified, in an interview with Hot 97. "They're not my words: It was a re-tweet. I didn't tweet it. I re-tweeted it. Actually it was way taken out of context because I like Rihanna, too. It was just really funny because the tweet said, 'If Rihanna was in the Illuminati, couldn't Satan have gave her a better video than an M.I.A. "Boyz" video?' It actually was a diss to me." Cuz when you diss Rihanna, you diss yourself. [MTV]

Diddy says his tracks are worth more than some a-s. Also, he's a producer, apparently. "I don't really know about the whole f--kin' for tracks thing. I never really heard about that s--t. As a producer I don't know if some a-s will make you go in the studio and spend three days making a track for chick. I can't really see that working. It takes too much time to produce a track the right way for you to give it away for some a-s." Suspect! [Ozone]