M.I.A. and her most frequent producer -- and ex-boyfriend -- Diplo have engaged in a nasty war of words over the past year. Diplo, who consciously crafted the sound of the singer's first two records, was let down by her most recent effort 'Maya.' He claimed that she ignored his beats and that the album sounded lazy and trashy. His nasty review doesn't appear to have left too much bad blood, though. M.I.A. just dropped a new unreleased song produced by Diplo that was presumably meant for the album and cut.

"You can have my money, but you can't have me," M.I.A. intones on the chorus. The track sounds more like the artist's older work with a globe-trotting beat and cleaner yet bouncy production. It is still untitled but presumably called 'Sup,' and is streaming from a strange website called '4THEPEOPLEONTHEBOAT.com.'

After someone on Twitter accused Diplo of being the target of the song, the producer responded that he actually made the music for it. "That's cool," he wrote. "I produced that track. I guess she decided to use my trax after all! Also, that song has more sick lyrics and it's classic M.I.A. vibe all u apathetic s---headz."

Check out the song and its admittedly awesome 2001-style flash website here.