M.I.A. and her producer/ex-boyfriend Diplo are back at odds once again. This time around, Diplo is lashing out at the British rapper/singer for leaking new music which he says he has not been compensated for. Although he failed to name a specific title, M.I.A. took to her Twitter page to post her latest song 'Bedroom to the Hallway to the Road to the World' with an accompanying video on Friday (October 15). Much like her previous records from this year 'Bedroom To the Road To The World' is a trippy synthesized dance track, with a healthy helping of bass.

Not long after posting the link, Diplo lashed out on his Twitter page. "M.I.A. please stop leaking the songs you didn't pay me for ..." he wrote.

The DJ, who is credited for constructing the sound on her last two albums, publicly stated that he was not a fan of her most recent release '///Y/.' Diplo accused her of being musically uninspired since giving birth to her son last February. The comment, the producer later admitted had burned "like twenty bridges" with the 35-year-old singer.

Unmoved by Diplo's scathing critiques, M.I.A. continues to release music produced by the Philadelphia native, and has yet to respond to his tweet.

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