M.I.A. has attracted a good deal of attention for her engagement to Benjamin Bronfman, the son of Warner Music CEO and multi-millionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr. But even though she's already given birth to an American child, U.S. immigration officials are still giving her a hard time due to her radical politics and father's connection with the Tamil Tigers. In a recent interview, M.I.A. said she could easily fix her citizenship status and constant visa problems by rushing her wedding to Bronfman, but she would rather do things her way.

"I actually want a nice wedding," she explained to The Fader. "I'm not going to blow that." She seems dead serious, too. For M.I.A., planning a wedding is like hitting the studio to cook up some magic.

"It's like making an album; it takes up a lot of creative space!" she said. "And what's really going to be different? We already have everything. For now that's what counts, just to be with Ikhyd [her recent child]. It might be kind of cool when he can remember it too, when he can walk and carry a little basket."

She openly admits that most of her friends are encouraging a mad dash down the aisle, yet MIA has been openly dealing with these problems for years. Her most famous travel issue came in 2006 when the U.S. blocked her application for a visa to live and work in the country.

"I'm not going to lose my integrity for that s---," she concluded. "If they're gonna kick me out, it's going to be a fight. [And] it's an important fight to have."