Yesterday, TheBoomBox featured a story on Wiz Khalifa getting bum rushed on stage by fans that led to a temporary postponement of the rapper's concert. Apparently, a similar incident befell M.I.A. during her performance last Saturday at the Big Chill music festival in Herefordshire, England. Before performing her biggest hit 'Paper Planes,' Maya asked fans to join her on stage and apparently more than 200 people jumped security barriers to get a chance to dance alongside the controversial pop artist.

As a result, festival organizers shut the set down and are threatening to cut or refuse payment to M.I.A. for irresponsibly creating a security breach. "By inviting the audience on stage M.I.A. was in breach of her contract," a promoter explained to the Daily Star. "The organizers don't have to pay her anything if they feel she endangered people. It's all there in black and white."

The gig is yet another semi-disaster for M.I.A. in a long summer of bad gigs. She was panned for her lackluster set at Vice's Creators Project on June 26, got rained out at her album release party and suffered some horrible sound snafus at the Hard Fest in New York last month. Her third record, 'Maya,' has also experienced poor sales and reviews.

Hey, no one said it was easy.