M.I.A.'s 2010 album '///Y/' (aka 'Maya') mostly hit a flat note when the general public didn't get another 'Paper Planes,' but her recent activity is quickly moving her back into the good graces of music fans. The confrontational pop star recently dropped a dynamic, ADD-addled mixtape entitled 'Vicki Leekx' to much fanfare on New Year's Eve, and has now followed that up with a brand new EP that features remixes of the 'Maya' bonus track 'Internet Connection.'

The EP, which is available digitally from Interscope, contains new takes on the glitchy club banger from Flux Pavilion, Buraka Som Sistema, Huoratron and Tony Senghore. M.I.A. has always been adept at mashing together whatever strands of dance music and hip-hop are popular at a given time and this is yet another effort that proves her impeccable taste-making abilities. Our favorite is the Huoratron remix that somehow references The Go-Gos, dubstep and white noise, while remaining based around an overly compressed Ed Banger-style crunch.

The 'Internet Connection' EP was a total surprise, too. With no announcement, press or fanfare, the digital download appeared on the Interscope website. Check out the aforementioned remix below or just grab the whole thing by heading over here and clicking on your favorite digital retailer.

Watch M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes'
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