Controversial singer/rapper M.I.A. has announced that she will be releasing a new mixtape to ring in the new year. "Vicky leekx mixtape coming new years eve!" the electro-pop star tweeted on Friday (Dec. 3). "Layin bad minds to rest 2010!" Though details regarding the mixtape are scarce, the "XXXO" singer reportedly found time to record it in between tour dates, as she has been on the road for much of 2010, and will be making her last stop in Paris on December 12.

M.I.A. previously released her breakthrough 'Piracy Funds Terrorism, Volume 1' tape back in 2004, a collaboration with ex-boyfriend Diplo, which garnered her critical acclaim and commercial attention, before the release of her debut.

The 'Vicky Leekx' mixtape follows the July release of M.I.A.'s third album ///Y/, her highest charting LP, which featured the controversial "Born Free" video, and is in stores now.

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