Lyfe Jennings is kind of a G. In a recent interview, he discussed the "baby mama drama" that goes along with being an entertainer. "It's so much cleaner and easier when you just get the stuff right," he said. "Shout out to my 20 baby mamas, I wish you well. My baby mama always trying to send me to jail, that's her goal in life. My other baby mama she cool. She wants me to be involved in my child's life. but both of them are just spoiled and I take full responsibility for that 'cause I spoiled 'em. But now I'm trying to spoil me." Word. [Vibe]

Nicki Minaj gave out some free advice about wigs, which she wears cause she's a visual person. "Go for a human hair wig in jet black with a blunt cut China bag...I like the green bob. Everyone seems to like that. People are saying it's the winner right now...I decided to choose a new look. Color makes me happy. It really excites me. I am a very visual person and when I look in the mirror, and I see green or I see pink, it does something to my attitude. It makes me feel positive." Oompa Loompa's seemed pretty happy, too. [HipHopWired]