With his new album, 'Lucid,' set to hit stores Oct. 8, R&B singer Lyfe Jennings took to Twitter this morning to give #TeamLyfe another preview of his upcoming project with a SoundCloud listen of his new single, 'I Wish.'

Known for songs about heartbreak and loss, the falsetto vocalist uses his latest track to explain how people really feel after an unwanted break-up. Opening the song with small talk, Lyfe goes into singing: "I can't believe she did that sh-t/I could kill her right now...Girl I wish nothing but bad luck/Hope you never fall in love in life/Girl I wish, oh/Girl I wish nothing but bad luck/Hope you get hit by a truck and die."

While Jennings hasn't said whether or not this song is about his very tumultuous relationship with the mother of his children, the crooner did ask his followers "Does anyone relate to the "I wish" song???? Was it just me?????"

Listen to Lyfe's new single below.