Lyfe Jennings knows a thing or two about drama. Back in 2008, he was arrested for several offenses -- among them firing a gun near a highway and leading police in Georgia on a high-speed chase -- and after some two years in prison, he's looking to get back on track. In an interview with Houston's 97.9 The Box, the R&B singer used his newfound perspective to offer some advice to Drake and Chris Brown.

"Quit being so emotional about stuff," Jennings said, addressing Drizzy and Breezy, who made headlines last week for their apparent roles in a New York City nightclub brawl.

"I have lived the emotional part of it and when the situation approaches you, you have to think about the people in your life ... when you fall, you have 30 other people that fall with you ... and in the middle of that, don't ever call the police!" Jennings adds. "Forget the career, that's how people get ruined!"

Elsewhere in the interview, the "S.E.X." singer shares his thoughts on Nicki Minaj going pop and explains what he's got against mixtapes and reveals why he's not cheating on his current lady.

Listen and learn here, people.

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