Just when a wave of positivity came in Lupe Fiasco's direction with the announcement of his fans petitioning for the release of his 'Lasers' album, a cloud of negativity rolled by to wash it all away. Recently, Prolyfic, Fiasco's longtime friend and former producer, bashed the rapper for causing the setback of his own project.

Prolyfic, born David Lemar Ewing Jr., took to Twitter last week (July 23) to express his sentiments regarding the Chicago emcee's oft-delayed album, to be released on Atlantic Records. According to the beatmaker, who produced a bevy of songs for Fiasco, including 'American Terrorist' and 'Pressure' off his debut effort, Food & Liquor,' the album fans are petitioning for is a lost cause.

"Ain't no release date on #WeWantLazers cuz ain't NO FUCKING HITS on it! cuz @LupeFiasco REFUSES to makes hits.. not that he cant.. he wont!" Prolyfic wrote via Twitter.

For those dubbing the producer a "hater," he addressed Lupe directly on the social networking site to squash rumors before they started. "@LupeFiasco & I dont "hate" the petition..I think it's dope that u have such devoted fans..however if u did more they wouldnt have 2 do that," he wrote.

Prolyfic claims that even other notable production powerhouses like Jim Jonsin refuse to work with the rapper due to his lackadaisical work ethic. "Jim [Jonsin] didn't want to waste a HIT on @LupeFiasco bcuz he INTENTIONALLY associates himself wit Losin..I mean Lazing..Loser Lazer #Shrugs," he wrote.

While the comments may seem harsh, the creator of Fiasco's 'Just Might Be OK' is only interested in seeing the rapper live up to his fullest potential. "Why do I care so much? Bcuz I know exactly what went into building @LupeFiasco to be where he is today.. & beyond all that.. I'm still a fan... @LupeFiasco I'm just speaking from a fan that wants to see you win... regardless of how we PERSONALLY feel about one another... @LupeFiasco and when I say win I mean do what we all know you can do.. which is RUN THIS SHIT.. which you very well can do."

As for Lupe Fiasco's response to his former friend's rant, he did not address Prolyfic in the typical "at sign" manner used on Twitter. "PRO!...my man...ur not my manager...fall back...take all that "advice" and further your career with it..." Lupe wrote. "I pray you sell a few beats the same way your selling yourself right now. When the music stops who's gonna have a chair to sit in? My career is mine. And I'll proceed with it how I wish. Your ignorant to my situation and why WE move how WE do. Speak what you know..."

Lupe recently announced several dates on the Asia leg of his Steppin' Laser tour. The rapper will travel to Singapore, Macau and Gangwon-Do, Korea during August 4 through 7.