Lupe Fiasco may have kept listeners waiting for the release of his upcoming third album 'Lasers,' but he's making up for it with a pair of LPs slated for 2011. The Chi-town rapper recently spoke on how he has enough material to put out two albums over the next year.

"We really want to put out two albums next year. I definitely want to put out two, so I don't want to flood this one by having 17, 18 records," he told V110.7 JAMS' DJ Hot Sauce of 'Lasers.' "A big heavy album. And then come out with another big, heavy album. I wanted to keep 'Lasers' nice and tight, succinct and done. And then come out with number two."

He also shared that 'Stereo Sun' and 'Army Girl' wouldn't be on the 11-track 'Lasers' due to previous leaks. In spite of the unauthorized cuts, Lupe doesn't point fingers at his label Atlantic Records, who stifled the LP's release and incited a protest this past fall. "They don't have equity in my situation beyond my music. Everything we've done thus far has been on us. The records that have taken Lupe Fiasco to the next level have all come from us," he explained.

Lupe also spoke on his beef with Soulja Boy, which stemmed from comments that SB had made in an interview. "Me and Soulja Boy good. When it first happened, I knew I had to take it with a grain of salt because I knew how magazines can be with me," he said, referencing when the media criticized the comments he made about not listening to predecessors A Tribe Called Quest. "When I talked to him," he continued, "he meant it as a compliment. They were asking him about his song, not my song."

Lupe's 'Lasers' is due in stores March 8, 2011. He released the audio for the new track 'The Show Goes On' a month ago via his YouTube page.