As Lupe Fiasco continues to gear up for his upcoming LP, 'Tetsuo & Youth,' he unleashed a new single called 'Deliver' on Sunday (Nov. 9).

Assisted by Ty Dolla $ign on the hook and background vocals, Fiasco delivers his signature brand of social commentary that was present on previous singles. On the song, the Chicago rhymer laments the ills of inner-city life affecting things as simple as getting a deep-dish pizza delivered to your crib.

"Too much dope, too many n----s on the porch, that's why the pizza man don't approach," he raps, explaining a well-known, yet overlooked aspect of low-income neighborhoods being a 'No Fly Zone' when it comes to many commercial businesses.

Produced by MoeZ’art, he deliveres a minimalist track, powered by space-out keys, hollow claps and a synthy bassline on the hook that gives the soundscape a sinister, albeit catchy element. Fiasco also seems intent on quieting the whispers that he's all but fallen off lyrically despite dropping three dope verses with tenacity on this song.

While the public impatiently awaits the release of 'Tetsuo & Youth,' this offering should increase the anticipation as well as garner radio airplay. This should make Fiasco's record label very happy.

You can cop 'Deliver' on iTunes right now.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's Song 'Deliver'