Lupe Fiasco is going to be defending his words and reputation on Fox News.

Last week, talk show host Bill O'Reilly called Lupe a "pinhead," after learning the Chicago rapper called President Barack Obama "the biggest terrorist" on CBS News' 'What's Trending.' O'Reilly also claimed that although reps from his show, 'The O'Reilly Factor,' invited Lupe to come on the show to discuss his views, the rapper declined.

The invitation was apparently unknown to Lupe, who tweeted, "Whoa! I got invited to the O'reilly factor and turned it down??? Thats news to me...would NEVER turn down the opp to push billys buttons!"

Now Lupe and O'Reilly will get a chance to hash out their differences face-to-face. The 'Paris Tokyo' rapper has never been one to fall back on his opinions, which included being opposed to voting. As for O'Reilly, he's never been a fan of hip-hop. In 2002, the right-winger was instrumental in getting an endorsement deal with Ludacris nixed and recently spent time lambasting the White House's decision to invite Common to participate in a poetry reading.

Reportedly, Lupe's segment 'The O'Reilly Factor' was taped last week and will air this week.

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