In Lupe Fiasco's visuals for 'Out of My Head,' the Chicago MC is trying to have himself any other ordinary day. For the most part, a normal 24 hours for Lupe in the music video involves riding in elevators with old grumpy ladies, getting peed on by a dog and, of course, singing with R&B's resident don juan Trey Songz on the balcony of a pimped out penthouse.

While most of Lupe's encounters would add up to a bad day for most people, the rapper is all smiles at the end of it, when he finally lays eyes on his girlfriend, the same broad he's been eying all over town in every women he's passed by. And though it's Trey Songz singing "Girl I want you to know/ I can't get you out of my head /My head my head," on the track's refrain, Lupe's the one that's been hit by cupid's arrow.

'Out of My Head' is the third single from Fiasco's almost-shelved third album 'Lasers.' Since its March release, 'Lasers' has found its way to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Rap charts and earned Fiasco his second platinum hit with 'The Show Goes On,' the album's lead single.

Watch Lupe Fiasco's 'Out of My Head' feat. Trey Songz