Lupe Fiasco is still planning to drop three albums this year but he slightly change his release schedule.

On Thursday (April 14), the Chicago rapper took to Twitter to share his release plans, clarifying that DROGAS, DROGAS light and SKULLS will be his final albums. However, the previously announced ROY will not be on the schedule.

Lupe, who released arguably one of the best rap songs of last year, "Mural," even shared his album art on Twitter to demonstrate how serious he is about his ambitious release plans.

DROGAS will be the first of the three albums, and Lupe released the set's first single, "Conversations #1," to promote the release. It's an actual 10-minute conversation he apparently recorded in 2013.

On the song, the "Superstar" rhymer talks to men who are concerned about how music affects the youth. The conversation gets deep, veering into talk about the Catholic Church, Cornell West, President Obama, corruption and gun violence, among other issues.

As always, Lupe Fiasco delivers a thought-provoking song that makes you think.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's "Conversations #1"