Lupe Fiasco has announced official plans to kick off a new world tour this month, in anticipation of his upcoming album 'Lasers.' The Steppin' Laser tour will see opening dates overseas beginning in February, while the first U.S. dates will be scheduled for March. The Chicago MC announced the news via his official blog and website, telling fans that with a new album on the way, it was only logical for a new tour to accompany it.

"A new album, new music, so why not top it off with a new round of touring!" he wrote. "The tour kicks off in New Zealand and Australia this month and hits the U.S. starting in March for a few limited dates (with more in the works of course)!" The complete tour schedule will be announced in upcoming days. Fiasco ended with the quote, "I'm like a steppin' LASER, don't you watch my size, I'm dangerous, so dangerous!"

'Lasers' will be Lupe Fiasco's third studio album. It is currently slated for spring 2010 release.