As the fate of his forthcoming 'Food & Liquor II' album hangs in the balance, Lupe Fiasco is taking on other opportunities, one of them being his new DJ album, 'SNDCLSH,' which will be released later this year.

The Chicago rapper has been very vocal about his ongoing battle with his label, Atlantic Records, and in the midst of touring for much of 2011, Fiasco has taken on a new hobby. "I got a couple side projects coming up [like] my DJ album 'SNDCLSH,'" he tells The BoomBox. "Me and my partner [DJ] Sky [Gellatly] put together an all electronic, all dance music album. No rapping, no hip-hop, just all dance music."

Fiasco started deejaying a while back and decided to turn his spinning talent into a full-length project. "I got an offer to DJ like a year-and-a-half ago," he reveals. "It was something that I was good at, so it was like I got tired of playing other people's music so it's like, I might as well make my own dance music. It should be good."

'SNDCLSH' will be less about adding to his growing pockets and more about giving back to the community, with all proceeds of the album to be donated. "We actually going to be working for other people on this record," he stated.

The album is slated for release sometime this spring. Check out a remix the two recently debuted, featuring DJ Kue. The original track appears on Lupe's 'Lasers' LP.

Listen to DJ Lupe Fiasco & DJ Sky Gellatly's 'Letting Go' Remix Feat. DJ Kue