After delivering one of the best responses to Kendrick Lamar's 'Control (HOF)' verse with 'SLR 2' -- the sequel to his 2010 fan favorite cut, 'Super Lupe Rap' -- Lupe Fiasco returns with a third and equally lyrical installment, this one dubbed 'Round of Applause.'

Unlike his previous offering, which included slick subliminal lines like "he's so crazy, look at the little baby/ N---a you ain't Nas, n---a you ain't Jay Z," 'SLR 3' doesn't appear to be a second unsolicited reply to the new self-appointed King of New York (thank goodness). Nevertheless, Lupe waxes some serious poetic over majestic, orchestral production, proving once again that he's still one of the nastiest on the mic.

Kendrick responses and loose cuts are cool and everything, but let's hope Lupe can translate this rekindled form into a solid (and overdue) full-length project.

[Via Sermon's Domain]