Lupe Fiasco has been churning out some head-nodding bangers as of late. His latest single, 'Old School Love,' featuring Ed Sheeran, is a slice of soul-sampled rap that's missing in hip-hop these days. The Chicago native returns with another old-to-the-new school song, the thought-provoking 'Piru Blues.'

The first thing that jumps out at you is the slooowed down sample of Big Daddy Kane’s 'Raw,' which anchors the DJ Simon Sayz-produced track.

'Raw' is apropos for this somber tune as Fiasco spits emotionally wrought lyrics about the human casualty in the battle between love and war.

"Blood stains on the camouflage jacket / And love-pained hands on the fully automatic / She looks into the eyes of her comrade slash lover / Comcast, C-Span cover warfare rages on the other / Side of the wall where the revolution utters in the language besides brotherly love for the sufferer," he raps.

On the chorus, the rapper asks, "Is there something, can I win? / It's hard to believe again / Is it something or maybe nothing?"

Fiasco is currently working on his next project, 'Tetsuo & Youth,' which is due next year. Take a listen to his powerful new song.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's 'Piru Blues'