Lupe Fiasco has already submitted the finished version of his third full-length, 'Lasers,' to Atlantic Records and is waiting for a release date. In the meantime, he's out on a world tour spreading his new songs to the masses. While the U.S. tour dates were revealed earlier this week, there's been a more oddball development: Lupe plans to take his writing game to the next level by working on his debut novel. That's obviously a huge undertaking, but Fiasco says he's been training for this moment since he was a child.

"I started off as a writer," the Chicago-based wordsmith explained to 3News New Zeleand, where his Steppin Lasers world tour kicked off. "You know, since I was a little kid, I've been telling stories and actually hip-hop has just been an extension of me telling stories. So putting it in a more traditional form as far as a book has always been a part of the plan."

While some sources claim Fiasco's book will follow the life of a window washer, the only other known detail about the book is that it will be published under the rapper's real name -- Wasalu Muhammad Jaco.