It's all about the presentation, according to Chi-Town's finest Lupe Fiasco.

In his new video for 'Next To It,' featuring Ty Dolla $ign, he makes the point, visually, that anything can be made to look good as long as there's a beautiful woman alongside of it.

All throughout the clip you'll see a bunch of lovely ladies -- some scantily-clad -- standing next to the most random objects possible. A plant, a bowl of salad and a toilet are included. This is in an attempt to showcase how many consumers don't pay attention to what's being offered or sold, but rather just pay attention to how it's being pitched.

Ty makes several appearances in the video, which is entirely shot in front of a white background. Since both artists are wearing all-black outfits, it makes a for pretty decent visual contrast.

'Next To It' will be featured on Lupe's next full-length album, 'Tetsuo & Youth.'