Lupe Fiasco Jay Elecronica

Lupe Fiasco and Jay Electronica have finally let constant Internet chatter and pressure take control of their music. For months, underground hip-hop devotees on blogs, forums, and message boards buzzed about the magic that could be produced if these two wordsmiths were to hit the studio together. This past Tuesday on Tony Touch's Shade 45 radio show Lupe mentioned that he, himself, would like to collaborate with Jay Elect. "I wanna do a whole album with Jay," Lupe said when asked if the New Orleans native would appear on his forthcoming album, 'L.A.S.E.R.S.' "He's a good guy, I respect him as an emcee."

Today Jay Electronica also addressed the wishful thinking of the fans in an interview with Brooklyn Bodega. "We going to be on a track together in the immediate future," Jay assured. "That's my brother. He reached out. I got bad phone etiquette so it took me a minute to reach back. But we gonna reach, we gonna talk. We've been in communication and we're going to work."

The thought that a future hip-hop classic may be crafted off what originated from nondescript Internet banter, shows how much of a vital role the World Wide Web plays in today's rap ecosystem. While nothing has been confirmed from either party's label, fans are sure to remain optimistic and continue the online pressure.