For fans of Lupe Fiasco, the journey to get his next album 'Lasers' released has been nothing short of heartbreaking. Despite a 30,000-strong online petition and assurance from the rapper that the record was already completed last February, Atlantic Records has done little to signal that anything will be coming out in the near future. Last week, fans announced they would try to force the label's hand with a protest on October 15 and Lupe himself has said that he will make an appearance if everything goes down as planned.

Well, things are picking up steam quickly. The protest now has its own website with a ticker counting down until the moment of truth. Its hashtag on Twitter has been going strong with hundreds of messages per day since the initial idea was hatched, and fans are already creating viral videos and a t-shirt to commemorate the protest. The official site has logged nearly 1000 RSVPs for physical attendance in New York City.

A current rundown of social media also finds fans outside New York spreading the word in an active manner. Many are trying to organize satellite protests in places like Lupe's hometown of Chicago and Detroit. A video made by one Lupe fan has even made it to CNN.

As previously reported, protesters plan to gather at the statue of William Tecumseh Sherman at the corner of 59th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan before marching to Atlantic headquarters, which is at 1290 Avenue of the Americas.

The only real precedent for this sort of protest that we can recall would be fans of the artistic songstress Fiona Apple. Those fans took to picketing Sony to get Apple's 'Extraordinary Machine' album released in January 2005. The record, in abbreviated form, finally hit stores in October of that year.