Lupe Fiasco recently revealed that he had been selected to face-off against "traditionalist" political commentator and notable hip-hop critic Bill O'Reilly, after making scathing comments about President Obama, whom he referred to as "the biggest terrorist" on CBS News' 'What's Trending.'

Keeping true to his word, the Chi-town MC appeared on 'The O'Reilly Factor' yesterday evening (June 21), where he defended his statements, claiming he did not seek to "undermine" the president, or single him out, as he simply considered the entire government, foreign policy and all presidents before and after Obama to be "the biggest terrorists."

"Now we're used to irresponsible statements from rappers, but that's really over the top," O'Reilly lead, taking the President's defense. "President Obama's not a terrorist, he's trying to do what he believes is the right thing to do. The United States is not a bad nation, it's a noble nation. You go out there and you talk to a lotta younger people, and this is what gets me, your constituency are not exactly political science Ph.D's, they're impressionable kids."

"I don't think you need to have a political Ph.D. to understand politics," Lupe fired back, making probably his most salient point of their discussion. "I don't think politics are as complex as people like to make them seem. Richard Nixon said they reduced fear by reducing the causes of fear, and in that same interview [where] I spoke about calling President Obama a terrorist -- and every president before and after him, a terrorist -- if you gonna fight terrorism, right, true terrorism, weaponize fear ... If you gonna fight terrorism, to me, you fight the root causes of terrorism."

While Lupe did his best to explain his accusations, under considerable duress, he often had trouble vocalizing his argument, which devolved into -- as frequently happens on O'Reilly's show -- the two men fighting for the opportunity to finish a complete thought. Ultimately, Lupe did ultimately back off from his controversial statements, however, explaining that he merely seeks to "give the people the truth."

"To say that the President of the United States of America, all of them, not just Obama, 'cause I'm not tryna undermine him -- and him being a terrorist is just one label, he's many things, he's a protector, he's a father ... " Lupe concluded, judiciously. "Just recognizing that one particular attribute of him is not me trying to undermine him, or undermine my constituency, or spread lies, or spread rumors for the sake of anybody, I don't really care about the GOP's or the Democratic party, my point is the people, and giving the people the truth."

After the show, Lupe tweeted to say that he had missed the show when it aired, and inquired whether they edited "the part about the US military manuals that teach you how to be a terrorist? Oh really...come on billy...well read em for your self America."