Last night was a busy one for Lupe Fiasco, who dropped not one but two brand-new tracks for his fans. While the other will surely be discussed more for its shots at Kendrick Lamar, '#DopeFrancis (American Trap)' is equally intriguing and perhaps proof that he has a new project coming soon.

'#DopeFrancis' and its single art (that's above) are a clear reference to the relatively new pope of the Catholic Church, 76-year-old Pope Francis. The track is also a clever spin on trap music, which typically deals with drug dealing over a barrage of hi-hats and sometimes-chintzy synthesizers.

While Fiasco indeed uses a bed of your typical trap sounds for the instrumental, he flips the lyrical content. Instead of rapping about pushing drugs and being in a hopeless environment, he's focused on religion and moving units of that g-o-d. Could this be off his upcoming 'Tetsuo & Youth' album? We'll see.

You can listen to '#DopeFrancis' below.