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Lupe Fiasco
tweeted in support of his fellow Chi-town rapper Kanye West recently, saying "Maaaaaaaaaan... f-ck [George W.] Bush! That n--ga was a tyrant and a menace! American Imperialist and terrorist! Supported financial chicanery and illegal wars...f--k him! Till @kanyewest is responsible for the deaths of Hundreds Of Thousands of people he good in my book. The Tea Party Don't Like Black People!!" You mad doggy? [@LupeFiasco]

DMX appears to have made his amends with notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after vowing to never return to the state, due to Arpaio's rough treatment of him. "What up Joe. Double R, throw it up...he's here I'm here, I'm not going anywhere. I will be around a lot longer than him," DMX told an Arizona news channel, before a recent show in Scottsdale. "I wish him the best good health long life. Leave me alone." Probably best if you stop smoking drugs and impersonating federal agents too, X. [AllHipHop]