Lupe Fiasco has never been one to bite his tongue. The Chi-town MC showcases his way with words defiantly in the visuals for his new video, 'Words I Never Said,' the latest single off his third effort, 'Lasers.'

The Sanaa Hamri-directed clip opens with Lupe in hiding, looking onward as a woman is thrown into a jail cell and strapped into a chair against her will. Fast forward and the rapper boards a bus occupied by passengers silenced with black contraptions strapped around their mouths. Though it's apparent words are prohibited from being spoken, Lupe breaks out into rhyme to voice his opinion on some of the world's controversial issues as images of war and destruction flash on the screen.

As Skylar Grey sings the haunting chorus of "It's so loud inside my head, with words that I should have said," Lupe's free speech comes to an end as officers invade the bus to take him down. Grabbed up by his arms and legs, he's then thrown into a jail cell, but not for long. The socially conscious rhymer breaks free, showing off some simple martial arts moves to battle those in his way before he releases the raven-haired female prisoner captured at the dramatic video's commencement.

While 'Words I Never Said' is sure to spike up the charts upon the video's release, Lupe's Kane Beatz-produced song, 'The Show Goes On,' hit a milestone by surpassing the one million sales mark, making it Lupe's second single since 2007's 'Superstar' to earn platinum status.

Watch Lupe Fiasco's 'Words I Never Said'