Don't expect many guest appearances on Lupe Fiasco's upcoming debut, 'Food and Liquor.'

"The only people that are talking on the album are Jill Scott and Jay-Z," the rapper told AOL Music. "Everybody I work with, either I respect their music or I respect them as a person. And I respect Jill Scott as a person, past her music."

A devout Muslim who doesn't smoke or drink, the Chicago emcee won't drop a verse for just anyone. "People were surprised I was working with Three 6 Mafia, but it's like I'm not doing a song with them. I just like their music. Pharrell does all this braggodocio, but I still wanna work with him 'cause I'm a fan of his music," he said. "I don't even do features outside of the album with people that are like crazy, violent, shoot-'em-up. I don't feature with a lot of people. I probably never will."

Now, if we could only get other artists to follow suit.

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