Lupe Fiasco, a practicing Muslim, recently weighed in on the controversial plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero, the site of the Sept. 11 attacks in New York City, conceding that both sides of the debate have valid claims.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Lupe discussed the proposal, revealing that, although he sides with President Obama's argument that all Americans have the right to freely practice their religion, due to its proposed location, the mosque might not be "the best of ideas."

"I'm taking President Obama's stance," Lupe began. "I'm Muslim, so I understand the importance of practicing the faith. But that is something that is sensitive to Americans. I don't trust polls, but there was such an overwhelming sentiment that maybe it's not the best of idea [sic]. I think the people who are building it should take that under consideration. Would they be setting themselves up for vandals? Because now it's become a target."

The 'Kick, Push' rapper went on to address the other side of the debate, arguing that at the very least, the controversy causes people to discuss Islam, allowing for its proponents to "spread what Islam is really about."

"On the other side, I think it's a great opportunity because Islam is in the forefront," said Lupe. "People can give commentary on how much of a peaceful religion it is. I look at the situation as a win-win. Just by you talking to me about the controversy, I get to spread the fact that Islam is a wonderful religion. The majority of Muslims are not even in the Middle East. The majority of Muslims are in South East Asia. The point of Islam is to promote peace. But there are a lot of emotions in New York. I've visited Ground Zero so I understand that it's a sensitive subject."

Lupe's long-delayed third album 'Lasers' has yet to receive a concrete release date. However, a new song called 'Go to Sleep' just hit the net, and it's pretty smooth. Check it out here.