Lupe Fiasco and Elliot Wilson
Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco took website Rap Radar to task recently for some disparaging comments made by the site's owner, former XXL honcho, Elliot Wilson.

On his blog, Lupe quoted a recent post where Wilson claimed to have never liked his music, but stated that he would continue to post his music, due to popular demand.

"I don't know. Never liked this guy. Not a fan. Ego doesn't match the catalogue," Wilson wrote. "At least Kanye made classics in the '00s. Behind the boards and on the mic. This Chi-town fellow's Joe Budden-like Internets hype irks me. I just don't get it. I rather listen to an old Tribe CD. Ha. Anyways, dude will stay present on the RR site next year because that's what you young bucks want. As for me, the OG, I'll pass. Kiss my a--, if you don't like it. Happy Holidays!"

Lupe called into question Rap Radar's decision to post Lupe-featured content, given Wilson's obvious disdain for his material. "Why take the hypocritical stance of continuing to promote something that you thoroughly and strongly disagree with both personally and professionally?" Lupe wrote.

He then continued to investigate the possible reasons, citing greed, "fakery & falsehood."

"I mean to NEVER had liked someone means you didn't like them from the beginning ... like from day one ... to be safe lets say 2005...and how many times have I been in XXL under your reign? or how many posts have I had on RAPRADAR.COM since then?" Lupe wrote. "Somebody somewhere is faking the funk ... but hey thats how its is from the STREETS to the BOARDROOM ... n----z do fake s--- all the time to get things done but n----z dont ever NEVER wanna be called out as fakes or when they are on their phoney behavior especially when KEEPING IT REAL or REALNESS is the status quo and such a reputable status to have & maintain ... so maybe someone is just being dishonest with themselves and needs to have a INTERNAL REALITY CHECK."

Rap Radar's B.Dot responded to the post diplomatically, "Despite Elliott's gripes, we've got a job to do. Personal feelings go the way of Ron Browz. At the end of the day, Lupe's maintained his relevancy and earned some hardware along the way. As YN said, if the young bucks want 'em, find him at this very URL. No Losers here."

Lupe's upcoming album, 'Lasers' is expected in 2010.