Lupe Fiasco has partnered with AOL Radio Mixtape DJ Mick Boogie and RBK/Reebok for a new mixtape series. 


The RBK Artist Spotlight features exclusive music from an RBK artist every couple of months, and Fiasco hosts the premiere edition. The CD also debuts new music from the Chitown buzzmaker including 'Slow Down' and 'McFly,' a freestyle over Missy Elliott's 'On & On.'


"I actually did an RBK party in Houston for All-Star Weekend. They liked a mixtape I did for them, so it just transitioned into this," says Mick Boogie. "They have so many artists on their roster, there's enough to make a different CD for all of them."


Indeed they do. Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Daddy Yankee, Pharrell and Nelly all have sneaker deals with the company, and Fiasco, Lil' Wayne and Mike Jones recently teamed up for their own shoe, the O.G.


Bootleggers, beware. The only way you can get one of the CDs is at an RBK store or through one of their field marketing reps.


Listen to the Mixtapes station on AOL Radio