Luther Campbell, commonly known as Uncle Luke, has had a strange relationship with Washington D.C. due to his controversial group 2 Live Crew. If you recall, back in 1989, the sheriff of Broward County banned the sale of 2 Live Crew's 'As Nasty as They Wanna Be' -- a move that led to a court battle where a federal judge backed the decision. The Crew appealed and the ban was eventually removed due to some help from Elena Kagan, who is now Barack Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court. Embodying the hip-hop code, Uncle Luke is now backing his old "homegirl" in an editorial for the Miami New Times.

"Kagan, who was working at a Washington, D.C. law firm, wrote a brief that argued the album 'does not physically excite anyone who hears it, much less arouse a shameful and morbid sexual response," writes Luke. "In other words, my homegirl Kagan was saying people could not be aroused by the lyrics 'Cause my d---'s on bone' or 'Me so horny, me f--- you long time.' She realized these words did not meet the standard of appealing to prurient interests."

For Uncle Luke, Kagan's decision shows that she is open-minded and unfazed by public opinion or fads. "She is not going to let any person or group tell her what is right or wrong," he writes. "Kagan will judge each case based on the law of the land. She has demonstrated she can protect the Constitution by doing the fine work she did to protect 2 Live Crew's freedom of speech." A vote on Kagan's nomination is expected for July 13.