In the two years since his last chart-topping album, Ludacris has conquered the world of film, earning raves for his work in both the Oscar-winning 'Crash' and 'Hustle & Flow.' Though he's returning to the world of music with the upcoming 'Release Therapy,' Luda says movies are still in his thoughts.

"Trying to put together the emotion -- it's one thing to do it onscreen, but it's another thing bringing it out in your voice and bringing certain emotions out that people can just hear," he tells AOL Music. "Iit seems like all the experience, it's been one hell of a year, and I got a lot to talk about. So all of that's reflected in this album."

Luda says he's looking forward to taking the cathartic experience to the next level -- the live stage. "Whenever you do a concert, it's very therapeutic. That's one way for you to vent, because you're getting heard and you can see the people listening and the people that mouth your words while you're onstage."